Max Output

1000 lumens

Max Beam Distance

462 m

Max Beam Intensity

53500 cd

Max Run time

708 h 0 m / 29.5 d






1 × 18650, 2 × CR123

Special Modes

Location Beacon, Red/Blue Warning Light, SOS, Strobe

Beam color

White light


154 mm / 6.06 in

Head Size

40 mm / 1.57 in


170 g / 6 oz


Dual – Output, Rechargeable, Tail Stand


Gear, Hunting, Law Enforcement, Military, Search

Hoster USB charging cable Clip Tactical ring USB port cover_MH27 O - ring Switch cover

  1. Review: Nitecore MH27: XP-L HI (V3) + R/G/B, 1000 lumens, 462 meters, (beam)shots

    Review by: kj75

    A new Nitecore multi-color light powered by XP-L HI V3 and improved RGB LEDs. It has a good thrower but doesn’t need a real big reflector anymore, and can have a real compact head. This Multitask Hybrid-member, that is micro-USB rechargeable, should be suited for a lot of tasks: tactical, hunting and law enforcement.

  2. Обзор четырёхдиодного (1+3) фонаря - Nitecore MH27.

    Review by: Vladsseven Channel

    A detailed review in Russian on the MH27 about everything you are interested in: from accessories to actual illumination.

  3. [Review] Nitecore MH27

    Review by: mcfarlie6996

    The MH27 is one of Nitecore’s latest lights in their Multitask Hybrid series and is their latest lights featuring their famous Red, Green, & Blue secondary LEDs. This light is heavily designed for Military and Law Enforcement applications but is versatile enough to be favored among hunters.

  4. Amaïh Plekdzy-Gladz ! NiteCore m'a envoyé une MH27 pour la tester et faire sa revue.

    Review by: SavageBeast

    A French review on the MH27, a multi-purpose, USB rechargeable flashlight with RGB lights.

  5. Nitecore MH27 Flashlight Review

    Review by: realista

    The sensation of future and uniqueness that only some flashlights are able to bring us is presented in MH27.

  6. Nitecore MH27

    Review by: MH27

    An Italian review on the Red Dot Award winner MH27 with vivid pictures in multiple scenes. Click to see the full review.

  7. Nitecore MH27 Flashlight Demo at Lava River Cave (Bend, OR)

    Review by: TheUrbanPrepper

    Here is a teaser video for my upcoming review of the Nitecore MH27 Flashlight. This flashlight is specifically designed to be used by those in law enforcement, hunting and tactical operations. It has a max output of 1000 lumens, features multiple modes including RGB colors for stealth operations and is rechargeable using a Micro USB port to charge the single 18650 battery.


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