IMR18650 2100mAh 30A


APPLY TO REVIEW IMR18650 2100mAh 30A

Apply to test new product of Nitecore to experience latest design and cutting-edge technology you have never seen. Your opinions are very valuable to us and will be highly appreciated.
·     You have posted any review for flashlight/charger before, on relevant websites or medias, printed or online, including forums, social medias, magazines,OR newspapers;
·     You agree to post or submit your review for the testing product to at least one relevant website or media within 3 weeks after you receive the flashlight/charger.
1. Fill in the form below to apply for testing eligibility;
2. We will contact you by E-mail within 5 working days if your application is accepted;
3. Reply your mailing address and we will mail the testing sample to you at our expense;
4. Post or submit your review to at least one relevant website or media (before that, we hope you can send back your review to us for fact checking), then send the links to us;
5. Keep the testing sample to yourself and we will contact you when there is new testing opportunity.
· Testing environment(s) and process;
· High Definition images and/or video taken during the testing;
· Pros and Cons of the product;
· Your personal experience or conclusion about the testing product.
· Be relevant: Please choose one Nitecore new flashlight/charger that suits you most at the moment;
· Be punctual: We appreciate you post the review in a timely manner;
· Common IP rights: You and Nitecore will share the intellectual rights of your review;
· Minority language is a plus to be accepted as reviewer.
· Your personal information collected by us will not be disclosed to any party;
· We reserve the rights of final explanation of the Nitecore reviewer program;
· Ineffective reply to our email within a week might be regarded as giving up the testing opportunity.
TIPS: filling the online survey will increase your chance of being accepted
What is your purpose of using flashlight?
What quality do you value most in a flashlight?

How often do you use flashlight?

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