The LA10/LA10CRI: Winners of Good Design Award, IF Design Award and ISPO Award

December 16th 2017

The NITECORE LA10/LA10 CRI was recognized for being “a pure lighting fixture with a single function, and the scenes to be applied are unlimited and depend on one's personal preference” and “its portability, skillful design, modesty and refinement, and surprising elements”. LA10 adopts the design of a lip balm by twisting its tail cap to extend the diffuser. The diffuser can be retracted when the light needs to be stored.


The LA10, utilizing a CREE XP-G2 S3 LED, is capable of outputting 135 lumens and reaching out 10 beam diameters for your further explore. Powered by just one AA battery, this lip-balm light is nicely protected in this aluminum alloy tube. Its maximum runtime last for 23 hours. The magnetic tail cap enables it to attach on to any metal surfaces. IPX6 rated and impact resistant to 1.5 meter. It can be used in multiple situations in the outdoors.


To meet various illumination requirements, the LA10 CRI is provided, which has a Nichia NVS L2198 LED outputting 75 lumens with effective illuminated area of 10m in diameter. With CRI rated at above 90, its LED resembles the nature of sunlight and reveals every subtitle detail of an object.

Find out more at: LA10