NITECORE Unveils the EDC27 UHi Ultra Slim Tactical EDC Flashlight

June 27th 2024

NITECORE, a leader in innovative lighting solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its latest breakthrough: the EDC27 UHi Ultra Slim Tactical EDC Flashlight. This new model not only sets the standard for design but also redefines performance in the tactical flashlight sector.

Launched in 2023, the EDC27 made waves in the industry with its cutting-edge, ultra-slim design, sparking a new trend in slim and high performance flashlights. The latest EDC27 UHi builds on this success, with high-precision UHi LEDs for even brighter and further illumination, pushing the boundaries of what slim and high performance flashlights can achieve.

The EDC27 UHi is equipped with two high-precision UHi 20 LEDs, perfectly matched with the round, metal orange-peel reflector, to deliver outstanding brightness and long-range illumination. With a maximum output of 3,100 lumens and a throw of 305 meters, its range has been improved by approximately 38.6% over the previous generation, making it the top performance choice among ultra-slim flashlights.

Weighing just 122g (4.30 oz), the EDC27 UHi features a high strength stainless steel body to withstand heavy pressure and resist bending. The surface is treated with a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) titanium coating for excellent durability and resistance to scratches and fingerprints. Structurally, front and rear stainless steel shells fused with a high strength carbon fiber composite frame, secured by six sets of connector bolts, to achieve a lightweight yet rigid construction that resists compression, twisting, and bending.

Specially designed for tactical applications, the two tail buttons are at different heights for easy identification and intuitive operations to select a desired brightness level. The MODE Button offers quick access to STROBE READY™ (3,100 lumens) / TURBO (3,100 lumens) for rapid tactical responses.

The EDC27 UHi includes an energy-efficient OLED display that shows lumens, battery voltage, remaining runtime, and more. A new power remaining display has been added to the OLED display, using a dynamic progress bar that increases or decreases to show real-time availability and recovery times for TURBO and STROBE.

The EDC27 UHi now features a level preset function, allowing users to set the preferred brightness level before turning on the flashlight. This meets the needs of advanced tactical operations by providing precise illumination in the dark. For everyday use, selecting the appropriate brightness can prevent the discomfort of overly bright light.

Additionally, the EDC27 UHi is powered by a built-in 1,700mAh Li-ion battery, offering up to 55 hours of runtime. It also features a sensor protection function, boasts IP54 dust and water resistance, and can withstand drops from up to 1 meter.

For more info, please visit this link: EDC27 UHi