NITECORE Unveils the NU30 Triple Output Lightweight Outdoor Headlamp

June 20th 2024

NITECORE is excited to announce the release of the NU30, a triple output lightweight headlamp perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Weighing just 90g (3.17 oz), the NU30 offers lightweight and comfortable wear for trekking, camping, night running, and more.


The NU30 features a 4-core UHE LED and a multi-faceted unibody optical lens, significantly enhancing the headlamp's brightness and range. This efficient design optimizes the conversion of electricity into light, allowing the headlamp to emit 500 lumens and illuminate up to 130 meters while ensuring broad, clear visibility that is gentle on the eyes. A built-in high-performance 1,500mAh Li-ion battery provides up to 97 hours of continuous use.


The headlamp is equipped with a primary white light, a high CRI white light (CRI≥90), and an auxiliary red light, each with dedicated settings to meet various nighttime lighting needs. It features a dual-button design with a Power Button and a MODE Button, allowing easy shutdown by long pressing either button when the light is on. Additionally, the power indicators are placed inside the headlamp for a clear and intuitive display of the power status.


For safety, the NU30 is designed with reflective strips that provide 360-degree visibility to pedestrians and vehicles, enhancing night-time safety. Other features include Lockout Mode to prevent accidental activation, an IP66 rating for dust and water resistance, and impact resistance of up to 1 meter, making the NU30 a reliable companion for various outdoor needs.

For more info, please visit this link: NU30