NITECORE Unveils the NU53 High Output Lightweight Industrial Headlamp

May 21st 2024

NITECORE today announced the launch of its latest innovation, the NU53 High Output Lightweight Industrial Headlamp. Designed to meet various industrial needs, the NU53 features excellent performance while keeping lightweight.


High efficiency LED is crucial for bright and long-lasting illumination. The NU53 features an 8-core UHE LED setup with 4 UHE LEDs for each LED unit to provide excellent light efficiency and stable illumination for prolonged industrial use.


The NU53 offers 3 light sources. The primary white light is ideal for illuminating large outdoor spaces, with a 6,000K color temperature and over 100° lighting angle. And the unibody optical lens system with various facets provides bright yet soft lighting and ensures glare-free illumination during prolonged wear. The high CRI auxiliary white light reproduces a more realistic depiction of color, ideal for up-close illumination in tough industrial environments. The auxiliary red light features constant-on and SLOW FLASHING, suitable for emergencies, rescue, outdoor work, and more.


The built-in 6,000mAh high-capacity Li-ion battery offers extended runtime and 20% more capacity than standard industrial headlamps. With 150 lumens, the NU53 can run up to 37 hours, and even at 400 lumens, it provides 18 hours of operation, ensuring stable and bright illumination all night long. Featuring a highly efficient charging circuit with QC fast charging, it achieves a max charging power of 16W which is 60% higher than its competitors, allowing for an entire night's illumination with just one hour of charging.


The stamped aluminum alloy front housing and special PC plastic rear housing make the NU53 very durable yet ultra lightweight. It weighs only 151g (5.33 oz), approx. 27% lighter than conventional industrial headlamps on the market. The 32mm (1.26") wide headband features a hollow design for lightweight and comfort over prolonged wear. Reflective strips on the headband offer added visibility to pedestrians and vehicles at night, while the concealed widened silicone strip helps divert sweat to the sides of the head and avoid sliding of the headband.


The NU53 also comes with a sensor protection function and lockout mode. It is IP68 rated and 2-meter impact resistant, operating reliably even in harsh working conditions. 
For more info, please visit this link: NU53