NITECORE Unveils the MT2C Pro High Output Compact Tactical Flashlight

May 14th 2024

NITECORE today launched the MT2C Pro High Output Compact Tactical Flashlight. The flashlight features a compact and simple design while delivering excellent performance to meet tactical demands.


Compared to its previous generation MT2C, the MT2C Pro is upgraded with a UHi 20 LED that features a small light emitting surface but high light density. Thanks to the advanced LED, it can deliver up to 1,800 lumens of output and reach up to 520 meters in distance when HIGH is on, greatly outperforming the MT2C.


Including a 3,600mAh 18650 rechargeable battery, the MT2C Pro supports USB-C charging and is compatible with CR123 or RCR123 batteries for easy battery swapping. It measures only 117.5mm (4.63") in length and is small enough to fit within the palm of your hand. It weighs just 114g (4.02 oz) with the NL1836R battery included, ideal for carrying in a backpack or pocket. The single button interface allows for tactical momentary-on, brightness levels switching, and On/Off.


The MT2C Pro always defaults to HIGH to provide immediate access to the brightest output and enhance the ability to react rapidly to various emergencies — whether activated by a momentary press or a full press for constant-on.


The MT2C Pro features a simple exterior design yet is robustly crafted with strong sealing performance. It is IP68 rated, ensuring it can be submerged up to 2 meters and withstand impacts from the same height. A rim guard around the tail button prevents accidental activation and allows for tail-standing. Additionally, the integrated ATR (Advanced Temperature Regulation) technology automatically adjusts the flashlight's output based on the working condition and ambient environment to maintain the optimal performance.

For more info, please visit this link: MT2C PRO