New NITECORE Ambassador – Joaquin Lopez

April 12th 2024

On April 12, 2024, we are thrilled to announce Joaquin Lopez as our new NITECORE ambassador.


Joaquin was born in Quito, Ecuador, surrounded by the Andes volcanoes, and developed a profound passion for trail running.


His first summit above 4000m was at the age of 11, sparking a natural curiosity for exploration and a desire to test the limit. This passion drove him to venture outdoors, pushing both his mind and body and shaping him into an endurance athlete. At the age of 21, he completed his first trail running race – The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 km.


Joaquin exercises every day, such as running, cycling and strengthening, striving to be at his best in every event. Besides, he enjoys any kind of outdoors adventure, such as camping, mountain biking, kayaking, among others. His curiosity and love for outdoor adventure motivated him to encourage more people to get involved. Therefore, he created a trail running community to provide a platform for trail runners to share their experiences, tips and stories, and help them achieve their athletic goals.


His perseverance and tireless effort have led to his accomplishments in trail running. In 2019, he won the 6th place at UTMB, and in 2022, he won the runner-up at UTMB TDS. Each journey served as the proof that he challenges himself and goes beyond his limits.


Joaquin grew up through exploration, progressed through persistence, and pursued excellence through love. His actions embody the spirit of trail running, which is very consistent with NITECORE’s idea of Keep Innovating. Joaquin said, "I was attracted by the high performance and big range of products NITECORE offers. I acknowledge NITECORE as a professional brand in the top of the game of illumination for outdoors enthusiasts. Always looking for innovation and development."


In the future, NITECORE will join hands with Joaquin, with the shared vision as a bond to pursue dreams together and witness each other's breakthrough.