NITECORE unveils the New Headlamp NU45 featuring the 8-Core UHE LED

April 11th 2024

NITECORE today launched the NU45, a lightweight and rechargeable headlamp powered by an 18650 battery. As the latest model in the NU series, the NU45 has new upgrades in the three key aspects: performance, runtime, and comfort. It marks a fresh direction for the NU series and the industry's exploration of headlamp innovation.

The NU45 leverages a multi-core LED setup featuring 4 UHE LEDs for each unit to deliver high light efficiency, while enhancing heat control and reducing energy consumption for prolonged outdoor use. It shines brightly with up to 1,700 lumens and a throw of 172 meters, making it easy to quickly know your surroundings and the road conditions ahead.

The TrueVision+ flood beam offers a bright yet soft illumination that's perfect for outdoor use, ensuring comfort during prolonged periods without causing glare or discomfort. Additionally, the NU45 features dual auxiliary lights—the auxiliary red light has two brightness levels plus SLOW FLASHING, while the auxiliary white light offers high CRI (CRI≥90) for accurate color reproduction, ideal for up-close illumination.

Developed in collaboration with the industry partner, NITECORE introduces a 4,000mAh (14.4Wh) 18650 Li-ion battery with a high energy density of 300mWh/g, offering approx. a 17.6% increase in capacity over standard 3,400mAh Li-ion batteries to ensure long-lasting power. It can run for 34 hours at 100 lumens and for 17 hours at 300 lumens, allowing users to enjoy longer outdoor activities without concerns over battery life.


Professional headlamps have traditionally hovered between 5–10W in charging power, with charging times of about 3–4 hours. The NU45 optimizes this with an intelligent charging circuit and a QC3.0 quick charge solution. It achieves a max charging power of 14W that is 40% higher than its competitors. And it can charge to 80% in just one hour, with a full charge taking only about 1.5 hours.

The NU45 also features a 32mm (1.26") widened and lightweight headband, and the thickened foam on the bracket helps absorb shock, reduce burden, and repel sweat, effectively reducing the pressure on the forehead for extended outdoor wear. Thanks to the modular design, the headlamp can be quickly detached for easy swapping or to mount it on another bracket. The headband can also be separated from the bracket to transform into a sweatband.

Other key features of the NU45 include sensor protection function, Lockout Mode, IP68 rating, and 2-meter impact resistance. 

For more info, please visit this link: NU45