Introducing the Carbon Battery™ 6K Extended Headlamp Runtime Kit

April 8th 2024

Today, NITECORE officially launched the Carbon Battery™ 6K Extended Headlamp Runtime Kit. It weighs just 134g (4.73 oz) and consists of the Carbon Battery™ 6K, a bracket, a headband, and a braided charging cable. Featuring lightweight and user-friendly design, this kit ensures your headlamp stays powered with reliable and extended illumination.

The built-in 6,000mAh Li-ion battery weighs only 88g (3.10 oz) and boasts an energy density of 245.5Wh/kg. With a hollow and lightweight design, the bracket is both sturdy and portable. The headband has been designed to be wider, reflective, and hollow, ensuring sweat is effectively managed. And the braided charging cable, made from a lightweight fabric, is both stretchy and durable, while remaining gentle on the skin.

When used with compatible NITECORE headlamps, the Carbon Battery™ 6K offers four major advantages: it balances the weight distribution for a more stable and comfortable wear; effectively extends the headlamp's battery life for longer power support; automatically activates "Performance Mode" to regulate the rate of brightness reduction in the headlamp to ensure a more stable output over time; and prioritizes power from the Carbon Battery™ 6K to preserve the headlamp's own battery.

The Carbon Battery™ 6K is easily detachable for quick replacement, ensuring ample power supply for the headlamp. The charging port features a quick release clip that ensures a secure connection between the charging port, headlamp, and battery during use to prevent the power cable from disconnecting and ensure reliable charging.

Additionally, the Carbon Battery™ 6K comes equipped with power indicators to keep you informed about its status and can also function as rear light.

For more info, please visit this link:
Carbon Battery™ 6K Kit