New NITECORE Ambassadors – Katie Schide and Germain Grangier

March 25th 2024

On March 25, 2024, we are thrilled to announce Katie Schide and Germain Grangier as our new NITECORE ambassadors.


Katie and Germain epitomize the essence of partnership in the trail running realm. As a couple, they are not only companions in life but also training allies, providing unwavering support to each other during races as they compete for top honors in their respective categories.


Katie boasts an impressive track record, securing 1st in the 2022 UTMB – Woman, followed by the 2nd place in the 2023 UTMB OCC – Woman and the 2023 Western States Endurance Run – Woman. Meanwhile, Germain clinched 3rd in the 2023 UTMB, emerged as the champion in the 2023 Marathon du Mont-Blanc (90km), and attained fifth place in the 2021 UTMB.


Trail running has become an integral part of Katie and Germain's lives. Neither of them began their journey as professional trail runners, nor did they initially envision themselves standing on the podium of UTMB, the pinnacle of trail running honors.


Katie's journey as a sports enthusiast began at a young age, actively engaging in various athletic endeavors during her school years, notably focusing on field hockey. Her passion for the outdoors was ignited by her father, with whom she embarked on mountain explorations, fostering a deep appreciation for nature and instilling a love for outdoor activities.


Germain's upbringing in the French Alps naturally infused him with a profound affinity for outdoor pursuits. From mountaineering and skiing to mountain biking, his recreational interests have always revolved around the majestic mountains that surrounded him. Before transitioning into a professional trail runner, Germain delved into the field of geology, a path influenced by his profound connection to the mountains.


Everything changed in 2016, marking the pivotal moment when Katie and Germain crossed paths. With his extensive outdoor expertise, Germain recognized Katie's innate talent for trail running and became actively involved in guiding, encouraging, and supporting her pursuits. Katie once confessed, "Having that support and belief from someone else gave me an extra level of motivation and confidence to take trail running a little more seriously and set bigger goals for myself. He's someone who continues to support me every day and I'm grateful that he encouraged me to believe in myself from the very beginning."


Support, companionship, encouragement, and love – for each other and for the outdoors, propelled Katie and Germain forward, fostering their growth together after their serendipitous meeting. They stood witness to pivotal moments in each other's trail running journeys. In the 2023 UTMB, Katie secured second place in the UTMB OCC – woman, while Germain clinched third place in the UTMB. This journey served as the ultimate testament to their love and accomplishments.


NITECORE isn't merely a professional outdoor headlamp brand; it stands as a prominent advocate and supporter of trail running development. Our mission is to empower more runners to boldly and freely embrace the wilderness, even in the depths of darkness.


Germain expressed his excitement, stating, "NITECORE gathers high performance lightening, battery durability and professionalism. Excited about what’s ahead!"


Katie further emphasized, "NITECORE's innovation and development of high-performing products specifically for trail running is something that caught my interest. Not only are the current products some of the highest-performing (brightness/weight/autonomy) on the market, but the team at NITECORE has already been working closely with us as athletes to better understand our unique product needs for future models."


The professional insights provided by Katie and Germain will be integrated into our new products, optimizing every detail for the benefit of trail runners worldwide. We anticipate that our profound collaboration with Katie and Germain will not only aid them in achieving even greater results but also serve as steadfast support as they pursue one championship after another.