NITECORE HA13 Multipurpose Dual Beam AAA Headlamp Is Out Now

August 16th 2023

NITECORE today launched the HA13 Multipurpose Dual Beam AAA Headlamp. As the latest addition to the HA series, the HA13 boasts a frosted surface design and a better than average performance. Compact yet robust, it's versatile for both primary and auxiliary lighting.


The HA13 is made from durable PC material and the frosted surface is designed to enhance its aesthetic appeal. It has a white light and a red light. The white light features a multi-faceted optical lens system with a light transmission of over 94% and has no PWM flicking. Thanks to this design, it achieves high light reflectivity, a brightness of up to 350 lumens, and delivers a soft and comfortable illumination. The red light supports slow flashing and provides some light for users to see, ideal for map viewing, stargazing, emergency response, and more.


With a max beam distance of up to 120 meters, it is a perfect entry-level AAA headlamp suitable for various outdoor activities. Even on its lowest brightness setting, its range still reaches 70 meters. Weighing only 100g (3.53 oz), it comes standard with a skin-friendly headband, same as that of the NU33, to ensure comfort during prolonged wear.


The HA13 comes with hybrid power sources, meaning it can be powered by three AAA batteries or NITECORE HLB1300 Li-ion Battery Pack. With AAA batteries, it can last up to 12 hours on 100 lumens (LOW Level), providing illumination throughout the night. It is compatible with various AAA batteries, including alkaline, lithium, and nickel metal hydride (NiMH). It has a lockout function and offers IPX6 water resistance along with a 1-meter impact resistance.

For more info, please visit this link: HA13