NiteLab Ultra High Intensity UHi LED Is Released Now

July 26th 2023

On July 26th, 2023, NiteLab ultra high intensity UHi LED is officially released, beginning the new era of flashlight LED.


NiteLab is the first professional flashlight LED brand in lighting industry. Both NiteLab and NITECORE belong to SYSMAX which is dedicated to exploring LED technology to reinvent the flashlight LED solutions.


LED is the core of lighting products and it is even vital to the lighting industry. However, there has been a lack of specialized LEDs for flashlights. Portable lighting gear such as flashlights can only use general LEDs in the lighting industry, which cannot give full play to the best performance.


Therefore, NiteLab cooperated with an industrial partner to jointly develop the ultra high intensity UHi LED Series specially designed for flashlights, which includes UHi 10, UHi 20, UHi 40, and other models that can fit different flashlight head sizes.


With a tiny size but powerful performance, the UHi 20 LED is available with a light emitting surface (LES) of only 2.26mm² and a light density of 876 Lumens / mm2. Compared with LEDs of the same power, the light emitting surface (LES) is 41% smaller and the light density is increased by 43%, achieving a stronger power in a smaller light emitting surface (LES).


The design from square to round makes a breakthrough in efficacy. The round light emitting surface (LES) is a perfect match for the round reflector, enabling a high light conversion efficiency and a bright and clear hotspot, which is conducive to identifying targets at night quickly and accurately.


The UHi LED also has ultra high beam intensity and excellent long range performance among the same power LEDs. The UHi 40 LED can produce a max throw of 705 meters, which is 21.5% further than that of the same power LEDs, and can reach 50% of that of an LEP flashlight. It allows conventional compact flashlights to break through the size limit and obtain long-range throw capabilities than ever before.


The NITECORE flashlights will be driven by ultra high intensity UHi LEDs one after another and the first NITECORE flashlight equipped with the UHi LED will be launched in August.

We hope that you will continue to follow the progress of the UHi LED, not only for its innovation but also for its adventurous spirit in exploring new possibilities.


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