NITECORE NE20 Bluetooth Electronic Hearing Protection Earbuds Are Out Now

May 8th 2023

The NITECORE NE20 Bluetooth Electronic Hearing Protection Earbuds are specially designed for shooting. The noise in tactical shooting even can reach 150dB, and prolonged exposure to noise will result in either temporary or permanent hearing loss.


The NE20 utilizes double hearing protection. The integrated ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) chip is designed to automatically reduce low frequency noises higher than 82dB by producing sound waves opposite to noise. The extended memory foam (Passive Noise Cancellation) can effectively reduce high frequency noises such as human voices.


With the Fast Reaction Technology, it can provide excellent noise reduction with a speed of 0.1s at the moment of firing while even a continuous noise reduction during the shooting in rapid succession.


The Clear Voice Tracking Technology is able to track the human voice accurately while reducing the ambient noise, allowing you to communicate with others in noisy environments with no hassle.


The NE20 is available with 3 user modes. Standard Transparency Mode: outside sounds will be amplified slightly; Enhanced Transparency Mode: outside sounds will be amplified more; Silent Mode is for canceling the outside noises.


The tailor-made charging case with anti-slip magazine texture is specially designed for tactical applications, in keeping with the tactical gear. The charging port cover provides excellent dust, impact and water resistance. The portable back clip is suitable for attaching to MOLLE System.


The runtime can reach 32 hours using the USB-C rechargeable charging case. Utilizing the advanced Bluetooth 5.3 Technology, it is made from ABS + PC material construction, durable and impact resistant as IPX5 rated. In addition, there are two colors available: Classic Black and Desert Tan.

For more info, please visit this link: NE20