NITECORE NU43 — the World's Lightest 18650 Rechargeable Headlamp Is Out Now

November 24th 2022

The World's Lightest 18650 Rechargeable Headlamp NITECORE NU43 has an innovative design of the built-in 18650 Li-ion battery that features light weight and high capacity, achieving the perfect combination of lightweight, long runtime and outstanding output.


The spotlight and floodlight are able to be turned on simultaneously to produce a max output of 1,400 lumens, ideal for way finding and searching at night. Utilizing a unibody optical lens system with a light transmission of over 94%, the NU43 is specially designed for reflecting uniform and soft light while it features TrueVision+ Technology ideal for road observing and signage searching.


With an overall weight of 116g (4.09 oz), the NU43 is designed with a combined structure and is constructed from stamped aluminum alloy front housing and special PC plastic rear housing, which is a perfect fusion of high strength, comfort and lightweight. Powered by the built-in 3,400mAh 18650 Li-ion battery, it can provide 15 hours max runtime on 100 lumens MID Level, ensuring stable output throughout the night. The NU43 is USB-C rechargeable, available with a reversible plug-in for direct charging and it is able to be used while charging simultaneously. Besides, it only takes 2 hours to fully charge the NU43.


The included skin friendly widened headband is designed with the concealed silicone strip to divert sweat to the sides of the head and avoid sliding of the headband. The near-center of gravity bracket greatly reduces the pressure on the forehead from the lower edge of the bracket without shaking during intense exercise while it is 72° all-round adjustable and one-hand operable, applicable to avoid direct lighting on staff in aid stations.


The dual buttons interface allows for straightforward operation. When the light is off, long press the Power Button for 1 second to turn it on; when the light is on, long press either button for 1 second to turn it off. The NU43 is also available with direct access to Red Light or ULTRALOW Level.


Equipped with multiple protection safeguards — sensor protection function, transportation guarantee and lockout mode, the NU43 is IP68 rated and 2m impact resistant, ideal for trail running, trekking, camping, cycling and more.


For more info, please visit this link: NU43