NITECORE Multifunctional USB-C Rechargeable Camping Lantern Is Out Now

November 10th 2022

As a new member of the NITECORE Lantern Series, the LR40 is designed with a retro style, which can be used as a camping lantern, ambient light, auxiliary light or decorative light.


The LR40 is available with 3 light sources to produce a 360° omnidirectional illumination with a max output of 100 lumens. Apart from the natural White Light, it can also offer the Warm Light provided by the tungsten filament-like LED while Red Light SOS is able to be turned on to alert rescuers in an emergency,


The Knob Switch can be used for turning on/off the light and adjusting brightness in a stepless way. Built-in 4,000mAh Li-ion battery, it can provide a max runtime of 65 hours, a nighttime companion for 8 nights. Available with USB-C input and USB-A output, it is able to be used as a power supply.


In addition, there are multiple ways to use the LR40 — placing, handheld, or hanging in the tent while the handle comes with a convex design for more stable hanging. What's more, the LR40 has a premium and reliable construction. ABS plastic housing is durable and impact resistant and the stable metal base is designed with high hardness protection.


For more info, please visit the link: LR40