New NITECORE Ambassadors — Fuzhao Xiang and Rongrong Chen

November 3rd 2022

We are delighted to announce that Fuzhao Xiang and Rongrong Chen join the NITECORE family as our new NITECORE ambassadors. Both of them are professional trail runners as they are always full of expectation on the trail races, and keep striving for better achievement. In the future, we will help and support them with our excellent products, taking them to the next level.


In the recent 2022 UTMB, Xiang broke her own previous best time for a Chinese woman in UTMB and won 7th place in the women's group with a time of 27:14:21. And Chen is the women's champion of the 2022 Chongli 168 Ultra Trail (192km), achieving the grand slam of four groups in Chongli 168 Ultra Trail.


As the industry-leading brand in lighting, we are dedicated to implementing the notion to "Keep Innovating", providing users with ultra lightweight and high performance headlamps. As expected, NITECORE will be the partner and friend with Xiang and Chen to support their trail races with our best products. In the next races, Xiang and Chen will wear the NITECORE UT27 ultra lightweight headlamp to light up their ways and finish their races.


In the days to come, they will involve in our new product development, helping us to test new prototypes specially designed for trail running and providing us with valuable and professional advice.