NITECORE Superior Performance 21700 Dual Fuel Elite Flashlight Is Out Now

August 29th 2022

The 6th generation of NITECORE MH12 Series—MH12SE is out now! In addition to its brand new Luminus SFT-40-W LED, the MH12SE also features an optical system combined with crystal coating and “Precision Digital Optics Technology” (PDOT), allowing it to emit a max output of 1,800 lumens, and a max throw of 405 meters which is 38% longer than that of the last generation, ideal for emergency, outdoor activities, patrols, and more.

The MH12SE comes with 1 x 5,000mAh 21700 Li-ion battery, and it is also compatible with CR123 and RCR123 batteries. The max runtime of the MH12SE reaches 1,500 hours, enabling a consistent usage of 60 days on ULTRALOW and it is USB-C rechargeable. The integrated ATR technology regulates the output of the MH12SE according to the working condition and ambient environment to maintain the optimal performance.

The MH12SE is compatible with optional accessories like NTR10 tactical ring and comes with an NTH10 Tactical Holster which is specially designed for law enforcement with its compactness and flexibility. Moreover, the included detachable clip enables additional carrying ways to be attached in the pocket, the backpack or the MOLLE System. The MH12SE is all-weather applicable as IP68 rated, 2m submersible and 1m impact resistant.

For more info, please visit this link: MH12SE