NITECORE CU10, the First Backpack Light in the World is Released Now

July 8th 2021

The NITECORE CU10 is now released as the first backpack light in the world. Innovatively to apply the self-adaptive gravity sensor technology to the auto-adjust mechanism, it offers unique comfort to ease the fatigue of the head compared to a conventional headlamp and helps to clear up the vision ahead with a long range and a wide angle.


With the Self-Adaptive Gravity Sensor System, the beam automatically keeps an 80° angle with the line of gravity and perfectly covers an area of 20 meters ahead. The auto-adjust mechanism guarantees a stabilized illumination and a safe usage. Utilizing a high CRI COB light source (CRI≥90, Color Temperature: 5000-5500K) with a max output of 220 lumens, the 150° wide range flood beam provides a consistent illuminance without a central hotspot and offers a clear and wide vision ideal in nighttime hiking and trekking. It greatly eases the visual fatigue and facilitates a clear view during the long-time use.


The user friendly one button Interface controls 2 brightness levels and BEACON Mode. It is ultra compact and lightweight with only 71g (2.5oz). The standard USB-A plug is available with customizable power source selections and compatible with NITECORE NB Series power banks and universal USB power sources. The Split Type Design can ease the burden of the shoulder and increase the flexibility of the backpack light and is available to place the power source in the backpack or the pocket. With the Advanced Power Cut-Off (APC) Technology, an ultra-low standby current provides a 365-day ready experience in the standby status. It is all weather applicable as IP67 rated and 1m impact resistant.


For more info, please visit this link: CU10