NITECORE is the Exhibitor of Ultra-Trail Show 2021 Organized by UTMB

March 23rd 2021

Recently, NITECORE has the honor to be the Exhibitor of Ultra-Trail Show 2021 organized by UTMB.

The UTMB takes place once a year on either the last weekend in August or the first weekend of September in the Alps. It follows the route of the Tour du Mont Blanc through France, Italy and Switzerland. It has a distance of approximately 171 kilometers, and a total elevation gain of around 10,040 meters. It is widely regarded as one of the most difficult foot races in the world, and one of the largest with more than 2,500 starters.

While the best runners complete the loop in slightly more than 20 hours, most runners take 32 to 46 hours to reach the finish line. Most runners will have to run through two nights in order to complete the race.

Therefore, NITECORE offers the Trail Running Elite Package specially to runners in the UTMB.


UT32 – Ultra Compact Coaxial Dual Output Headlamp

Thanks to the first coaxial dual output design in the industry, the UT32 significantly decreases its weight by making full use of the internal structure without expanding its housing. It makes the beam switching one hand operable to meet various needs in the trail running environment. As a simulation of the natural sunlight, the cool white beam of the UT32 offers an unprecedented illumination experience for trail runners.

The primary Cool White Beam has a max output of 1,100 lumens combined with an OP reflector with TrueVision Technology, ideal for wide range illumination for trail runners. The auxiliary Warm White Beam has a max throw of 117 meters for better penetrating ability in rain, snow or fog.

NU25 – Ultra Lightweight Triple Output Outdoor Headlamp

The Primary White Light of the NU25 uses an OP reflector to emit an output of 360 lumens with a 100° wide beam. With a built-in 2.26Wh large-capacity Li-ion battery, it is able to provide a max runtime of 160 hours. The USB charging circuit makes the charging process incredibly convenient. The flexible and breathable headband offers a hands-free experience for the wearer.

NB Series Carbon Fiber Energy Bricks

As the world's most compact and lightest 10,000mAh mobile power, the NB10000 is constructed with lightweight carbon fiber specially designed for trail runners. Aiming to provide sufficient power for smartphones, GPS, headlamps, headphones and more even in 100km or 100-mile trail races, the NB10000 is available with two-way PD + QC 3.0 output and more. The IPX5 Rating makes it fearless of the rainy or snowy weather. After its release, the NB10000 has been covered by media worldwide.

Besides the NB10000, the NB5000 is also introduced as a different power selection according to various trail races.

BLT10 – Running Belt

The BLT10 is an ultra lightweight and breathable running belt tailor-made for outdoor activities including trail running, trekking, mountaineering and cycling.

NWE30 – Emergency Electronic Whistle

The NWE30 is an ultra compact emergency electronic whistle with an easily operable twist-and-buzz interface. Instead of the conventional method of whistle blowing, it aims to save the necessary energy for the user when a severe injury, hypothermia or hyposthenia occurs. The Omnidirectional Sound Diffraction System enables a signal transmission in all directions. It is able to emit 360° beacon flashing of 2,000 lumens automatically at night or in the dark when activated in an emergency situation during your outdoor adventures in the forest, the cave or the night trek. Providing the golden 72 hours runtime with the included CR123 battery, the NWE30 aims to seize your best opportunity of being rescued.

NDH10 & NDH20 – Headwear

The NDH10 Combat Cap and the NDH20 Boonie Hat can achieve a quick absorption, long-lasting anti-bacterial and self-refreshing performance during the races.

The UTMB is now considered as a totem and a race once in a lifetime. In addition to being the Exhibitor of Ultra-Trail Show 2021, NITECORE is also the partners of trail races including HK100, UTMS (Ultra Tour Mount Siguniang) and more. We aim to provide you with the best gear of lighting and power for the harsh outdoor environment.