TIKI GITD BLUE, the Glow-in-the-dark Mini Futuristic Keychain Light is Released with a New Color Option

March 15th 2021

Glow-in-the-dark Mini Futuristic Keychain Light
The TIKI GITD BLUE utilizes a primary OSRAM P8 LED with a total reflective optic lens to emit a uniform and soft beam of 300 lumens. With a transparent and frosted body constructed from durable PC (V0) materials which are commonly used in aerospace and electronics industries, the TIKI GITD BLUE ensures a comfortable and steady grip and serves as an ultra mini and lightweight futuristic gadget. It will glow in the dark after being charged by its UV light for one second or the sunlight.

Versatile Auxiliary Emitters
The TIKI GITD BLUE is equipped with auxiliary UV light and the high CRI white light.
Mini Camping / Reading Light: The auxiliary high CRI white LED of TIKI GITD BLUE is able to reveal the true color of the objects, suitable for short-range illumination such as reading or camping.
Counterfeit Bill Detector: The auxiliary UV LED (500mW, 365nm) of TIKI GITD BLUE has the ability to excite fluorescence in materials and can be used as a detector against counterfeit bills and forged documents, a fluorescent chemical tester, a phosphorescent material charger or an insect attractor.

User Friendly One Button Interface
The accidental activation protection design includes holding to directly access HIGH level, double press for constant-on and triple press for auxiliary lights.

USB Rechargeable with 40 Hours Extended Runtime
The TIKI GITD BLUE has APC (Advanced Power Cutoff) Technology with an ultra-low standby power consumption of 1μA to provide a 365-day ready experience in the standby status. The built-in 130mAh Li-ion battery has a comparable efficiency with a AAA battery with 40 hours extended runtime. With multiple charging safeguards, it can be continuously powered by various sources to get out of the outdoor illuminating predicament and enjoy the inexhaustible power supply on the go even in the charging status.

For more info, please visit: TIKI GITD BLUE