NITECORE Brand New Tactical Showreel S.W.A.T Assault Operation

October 26th 2020

Once again, NITECORE has partnered with Hard Task Training to present our new tactical promo video S.W.A.T Assault Operation | Born For Tactics.

Hard Task Training is tactical training agency based in Czech Republic of Europe. Each of the instructors in Hard Task Training has real world operational experience and is ever ready to pass on their skills and knowledge to their students. Many of their instructors are nationally recognized shooters or have been working for many years in foreign countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other African countries as security contractors or instructors. Becoming the market leader of providers of this type of training in the Czech Republic and as well as one of the most respected training companies in Europe and the World.

In this video, low light tactics are shown combined with the latest NITECORE flashlights. As every last detail matters, the flashlight is an essential tool for teamwork and cooperation to guarantee the lives of the entire team. In addition to analyzing your surroundings and making detailed plans, the indivisible bond between you and your equipment will definitely strengthen the advantage in your operation.