NITECORE NTK07 Ultra-Slim Unibody Titanium Knife is Released

September 3rd 2020

The NTK07 Ultra-Slim Unibody Titanium Knife is constructed from aero grade TC4 titanium alloy with exquisite CNC craftsmanship. Featuring high strength, low density and strong corrosion resistance, titanium alloy is ensured with a premium quality and an excellent performance to be widely used as aerospace components. It has an ultra light weight of only 11g (0.39oz).


The mechanical style sheath makes it one hand operable to hold. Fixed by an M2 Torx Screw, the flexible pocket clip enables a secure carry in the backpack, on the pocket or the notebook.


Endowed with outstanding sharpness and durability and anti-corrosion performance, the common No. 11 scalpel blade is easily replaceable and accessible in the market. The considerate safety designs including the blade lock, the unibody blade slot, the blade holder and the anti-slip geometry provide a unique user experience. It is multiple purpose applicable for package unboxing, rope cutting, paper cutting or EDC (Everyday Carry).


For more information, please visit this link: NTK07