The Multifunctional Bolt Action Tactical Pen NTP31 is Out Now

July 29th 2020

Equipped with the unique bidirectional bolt design, the NTP31 is a multi-purposed tool which is able to pass the security screening and given the functions of self-defense in life-threatening situation and daily writing. Featuring a convenient and stable lockout, the slider in the unique bidirectional bolt mechanism can be skillfully maneuvered in the L-shape groove to select and retract either the pen refill or the tungsten steel tapered tip.


The body is constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy with HA III military grade hard-anodized finish, featuring lightweight, excellent impact and corrosion resistance. The NTP31 is exquisite and portable with the weight of only 20.4g (0.72oz).


The hardness of tungsten steel tapered tip is measured by the Rockwell scale (89-92.5HRA), which ranks only second to the hardness of diamond. The tapered tip can launch a powerful counter-strike to suppress the assaulter effectively.


The Schneider gel ink refill provides quick-drying, waterproof and fade-resistant writing. The ergonomic design makes it exquisite and comfortable to hold. The anti-skid thread in the center increases the friction and avoid sliding. The rigid stainless steel clip enables the NTP31 to be easily clipped to your pocket, shirt or backpack and avoids loosening and loss of the pen.


For more information, please visit this link: NTP31