NITECORE NSH10 Multiuse Titanium Snap Hook is Out Now

March 2nd 2020

The NITECORE NSH10 is a Multiuse Titanium Snap Hook made from unibody machined TC4 titanium alloy. Featuring its high strength, low density and strong resistance against corrosion and high temperature, titanium alloy is ensured with a premium quality and an excellent performance to be widely used as aerospace components. The detail-oriented machining with strict precision to 0.001mm offers a comfortable grip of the finely sandblasted silver-gray body.

Inspired from the design of carabiners widely used as an essential component in rope-intensive activities such as rock climbing or bungee jumping, the NSH10 is a reliable tool for fixing or hanging external objects. The 45° elastic spring gate offers effortless pressing while firmly secured with the groove at the opening. It enables convenient and versatile usage as a keychain, a bottle opener, a hanging hook or a flat-head screwdriver. The easy and quick attachment makes it ideal for EDC (Everyday Carry) or outdoor travelling combined with accessories including keys, keychain lights, bottles, ropes, pouches and more.

For more info, please visit this link: NSH10