NITECORE TINI SS Awarded as Product Design Winner 2019, kapok Design Awards China

October 31st 2019

The kapok Design Awards China, one of the most influential design awards in China has revealed its awardees. As a popular keychain light from an “All-round 

Flashlight Expert”, the NITECORE TINI SS has been recognized as Product Design Winner among a total of 2963 entries after screening by a jury of 8 experts 

and opinion leaders from the areas of “investment, development, design and media”.

The TINI SS, the Stainless Steel Keychain Light, is designed with a tiny size and an ultra high performance of 380 lumens. With the weight of 21.5g (0.76oz), it 

is portable to suit the strict needs for everyday carry. 3 colors of TINI SS are available for your selection with different finishes. The TROPICAL version is 

distinctively filled with exotic brilliance while the JET BLACK version is uniquely endowed with delicate elegance, both finished by PVD (Physical Vapor 

Deposition) titanium coating. The GLACIER version appealingly shines out a dazzling charm by surface polishing. The built-in Li-ion battery with a capacity of 

280mAh is available for USB charging for a max runtime of 60 hours. The dual switch design is user-friendly for quick access to 4 brightness levels.

As one of China's most influential product design awards held by Guangzhou Design Week and recognized by ICSID, ICOGRADA and IFI, kapok Design Awards 

has generated a number of avant-garde, leading, unique design concepts and lifestyles for the Chinese consumer market.

The innovative products designed by NITECORE have once again won the hearts of the kapok Design Awards Jury and have shown the technical breakthroughs 

and outstanding product engineering to the international market. NITECORE will continue to “Keep Innovating” and offer more high-end products to our fans 

and customers all over the world.