The Titanium Alloy Mechanical Pencil NTP40 is Ready to Provide You with the Best Writing Experience

March 11th 2019

CNC Machined Titanium Pencil

The body of the NTP40 is CNC machined from rigid TC4 titanium alloy, featuring lightweight, excellent impact and corrosion resistance, and skin friendliness. With the artistic design with round chamfer, it is portable and handy with the weight of only 23.9g (0.84oz).

Exquisite Craftsmanship

The 26 loops of anti-sliding thread processed by detailed machining ensures the comfort of the grip and relieves the fatigue during long-time writing. The unique crafting technique of the titanium alloy on the abrasion resistant crystallized cap provides excellent quality and abrasion resistance. Every press on the cap propels the lead evenly and smoothly.

Smooth Writing by German Techniques

The German Schmidt Feinminen System 0.5mm offers smooth and clear writing with all-purpose applicable including cartooning, sketching and daily writing.

In addition, fixed by 2 detachable and maneuverable Torx screws, the hollowed clip is equipped for high portability, enabling the NTP40 to be easily clipped to your pocket, shirt or backpack and avoid loosening and loss of the pen. Endowed with the excellence in materials, craftsmanship and practicality, the NTP40 is your ultimate choice of utilization and collection.

For more information, please visit this link: NTP40