Preview of NITECORE in ISPO Beijing 2019

January 16th 2019

On January 16th-19th, 2019, ISPO Beijing is held at the China National Convention Centre (New Venue). It has been the 9th consecutive year that NITECORE participates in this outdoor sport feast.


The LC10 – the Magnetic Outdoor USB Charger, combining the charging and discharging function with the emergency lighting, is awarded as winner of ISPO Award 2019 which makes NITECORE the only winning professional outdoor lighting brand in China.


In this 4-day event, NITECORE is revealing its outdoor power solution that aims to establish an intelligent powering ecosystem to enable a consistent outdoor power supply. Its outdoor power stations which guarantee more safety and convenience will meet various needs of its users and offer the most unique and intelligent user experience of outdoor power.


In addition, NITECORE continues to present its most innovative products, among which is the milestone of the year TM10K, the Compact and Intelligent Sharp Light with a max output of 10,000 in the most compact size and has won the China Outdoor Industry Annual Award for its unprecedented product design.


Another highlight from NITECORE is TUP, the Rechargeable and Revolutionary Intelligent Pocket Light with a max output of 1,000 lumens. It outruns the ordinary 16340 flashlights in terms of brightness, size, design, runtime and power availability. Equipped with the Advanced Power Cut-Off (APC) Technology and two lockout modes available, which is inherited from the NITECORE flagship product TM10K, it is available for different emergency, tactical, transportation and storage needs. Its futuristic design and high performance are welcomed by all flashaholics around the globe.


During the ISPO Beijing exhibition, the 4th NCC (NITECORE Creative Conference) will be held simultaneously to share the stories of outdoorsmen and adventurers in China.


The first story will be shared by Lao Sun, the well-known 2017 and 2018 Chinese UTMB winner, on his plentiful and professional experience in trail running. The second one will be hosted by Yi Ran, a Chinese photographer contracted with 500px and 8KRAW and a member of Union of Timelapse China on his astonishing photographing adventure on Mount Chhogori and in Zizhu Temple, Tibet. The third section will be organized in collaboration with Outdoor Exploration and shared by Peaceland Foundation in discussion on cave rescuing and outdoor safety.


As the most expected and leading exhibition in the outdoor industry, ISPO Beijing 2019 is providing a wide platform for NITECORE to share its honors and achievements with outdoorsmen in China. NITECORE will develop its outdoor power solutions in the years to come to provide the best intelligent way to be powered. There will be more innovative, intelligent and safe outdoor products from NITECORE on the way.