The Winner of iF Design Award: R25

January 22nd 2018

Proudly, the R25 is recognized by the jury of iF Design Award for its unmatched performance, the innovative smart charging dock design and the convenient UI.


As we know, agility is a key factor in tactical applications. Therefore NITECORE has designed a brand new charging dock to allow comfortable charging and easy operation to coexist in your palm. Strobe ready button of the R25 are intuitively accessed by simply press the button anytime. The R25 is your convenient dagger to split the darkness.


To keep your tactical actions running for an extended time, the charging dock allows you to charge with adapters or car chargers. From now on, you can stay dynamic and carry on with your turbocharged tactical performance.


From the R25's convenient UI, you can access a world of tactical capabilities. With 3 brightness levels plus Strobe Ready button you can perfectly balance performance and runtime. A purposely designed bezel turns your adverse situations into safety every time.


With so many features and qualities, the R25 is your ideal tactical weapon in fall journeys, search and rescue, hunting and even self-protection.

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