September 29th 2017

Time flies, in this fruitful season, NITECORE is going to celebrate its ten years birthday.

From 2007 to 2017, it’s 10 years of hard work, development and innovation, it's all about facing challenges and overcome the obstacles. The achievements of Nitecore are the results of the combined efforts of every customer, distributor and staff.

In 2007, the world’s first AA-based flashlight that features an integrated MCU was born. It also means the beginning of NITECORE.

In 2010, we launched the IFE1 - the world’s first flashlight that features Magnetic Sensor IBS system.

In 2011, we created the smallest flashlight with 2000 lumens-TM11,which is a most compact yet powerful flashlight.

In 2014, the CR6 – the world’s first flashlight available with white light and powerful red LEDs was released and acquired a good reputation.

In 2017, LA10/LA10 CRI is the first lipstick-shaped camp lantern wins iF design award and ISPO award 2017.

With all your support and encouragement, Nitecore has harvested numerous global awards including the industrial design "Oscar" iF Design Award, Red Dot design award, ISPO award

In the past 10 years, we have exhibited on many world-renowned tradeshows, including ISPO, SHOT Show, IWA, IDEX, Photokina, Vapexpo and NITECORE has shown on global magazines, outdoor and military medias and TV program.

In the past 10 years, we have launched new products regularly base on the market requirement. Currently, Nitecore’s products are some of the most popular in America, Europe, Middle East and Oceania totaling over 100 countries.

In future, we will keep moving on and innovating to bring better product experience for customers. Once gain, thank you for accompanying with Nitecore all the way. We really appreciate our support and contribution to Nitecore. In future, we look forward to creating another prosperous and fruitful 10 years, or even a hundred years with you all.