Shortly after the receipt of the ISPO AWARD 2017, we are pleased to announce our products have been crowned by another jury panel, this time, it is from the prestigious iF Design Award 2017, to our LA10 CRI and R25!


Nitecore is the first Chinese torch brand to be awarded the iF design award since its award establishment, marking the global recognition of Chinese engineering excellence in portable illumination devices.

The iF international design award is one of the heritage industrial design awards hosted by the Hannover Industrie Forum Design from Germany to commemorate the inception of innovative and outstanding products designs. It is one of the awards that has been held in the highest regard in industries, and was founded with the aim to provide consumers with a means to locate the most innovative and practical products available on markets.


The jury selection had been hectic this year, with 58 judges onboard the jury panel, judging criteria were not limited to aesthetic appeal, but would also include compatibility, performance, sustainability, values and other factors. Winning an award among some of the 5600 participating products is challenging, and every product receiving an award are deemed to be worth getting.


The LA10 CRI won over enormous popularity from the judges with its high colour rendering capability, compactness and retractile lip-stick design. Whilst the R25 received high recognition for its innovative charging station design and STROBE READYTM feature, outstanding power to weight ratio, environmentally friendliness have all contributed to its reception of this award.


It is extremely pleasing to see “Made in China” is gradually becoming on par with other international standards, 2016 had been a tough year, but 2017 is already smiling on us, this makes us pondering on what the future holds for us.