We are delighted to inform everyone the release of the TIP 2017. It comes with a robust multi-purpose clip suitable for various scenarios. The multi-purpose clip serves as a switch guard to prevent accidental activation and protects the charging port as well.

The TIP 2017 comes in a thumb-sized body and weighs only 23.5g, max output up to 360 lumens. Metallic body, USB rechargeable.

Daily mode and constant-on mode available with new circuit design. Considering different users preferences, a temporary constant-on mode is included in the daily mode, activated by turning the light on again within a 3 seconds interval after it shuts off automatically.

The Momentary Illumination is suitable for various scenarios.

TIP 2017 takes advantages of a low consumption power management chip, significantly reduces standby power drawn (<5uA), enabling the standby duration up to 1 year.

For higher demand for colour rendering, the TIP CRI 2017 is also available.

Learn more about TIP 2017 and TIP CRI 2017, please click: TIP2017