Nitecore MT06MD, a penlight designed for medical personnel and first responders, is now officially launched.

With an onboard Nichia 219B LED (CRI≥90), the penlight is capable of revealing every subtle detail of an object and preventing eye fatigue. Housed in a PDOT reflector, the LED emits uniform neutral white lighting with no dark spots or artifacts, helping the medical personnel and first responders to make an accurate diagnosis.

Rated as photobiologically safe according to EC/EN62471, it eliminates the potential of blue light hazards, making it ideal for optical examination.

Default low lumen setting ensures that the MT06MD always turn on in the lowest brightness level of 4 lumens. It has two more settings: mid at 45 lumens and high at 180 lumens, allowing for checking physical injuries or open wounds.

Powered by two AAA batteries, the MT06MD has 200% the electrical energy than similar products on the market. With runtime as extensive as 35 hours, it can easily cope with situations where long lasting illumination is required.

Made from aero grade aluminum alloy, the MT06MD has a full metal surface that is submersible in alcohol for sterilization. Weighing just 22g, this streamlined penlight is easy to carry in pockets, especially when used with the stainless steel clip.

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