As the latest addition to the renowned SmartRing Tactical (SRT) Series, the SRT9 is a powerful flashlight designed specifically for law enforcement, hunting, search and rescue applications.

Utilizing a CREE XHP50 LED that is capable of emitting twice the brightness compared to CREE XM-L2 LED, the SRT9 packs as high as 2150 lumens with beam distance of 246 meters. Apart from the powerful white output, the light is also equipped with four auxiliary LEDs, including red, green, blue and ultraviolet, making it extremely versatile.

The incorporated SmartRing Tactical technology enables the SRT9 to have an extremely intuitive user interface. By twisting the Smart Selector Ring adjacent to the troch head, users can rapidly switch between all 7 modes, and easily choose the desired brightness level. Tactical forward switch on the tailcap makes it more suitable for tactical scenarios. Powered by 2 18650 Li-ion batteries, the SRT9 has runtime as long as 250 hours, eliminating the need of extra backup batteries or frequent recharges.

The die-cast making process gives the SRT9 a larger heat dissipation surface. Together with the integrated advanced ATR module, the cooling performance of this light would be more than excellent. The process al give the light a unibody seamless body, ensures supreme structural integrity and has higher strength, lighter weight, smaller size and greater resistance to impact compared with flashlights that consist of three separate parts. Waterproof according to IPX8 whilst impact resistance rated as 1.5 meters.

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